Family Video

Leave a Legacy

Tell your story, recount your memories, and share your family history. The peace of mind that arrives with your family video is truly priceless. We will handle every aspect of video production, from conducting interviews and gathering your input to producing a beautiful video your family will cherish. Because we work closely with you, guide you through the entire process, and focus on preparing extensively before we turn on the camera, we consider ourselves consultants first and foremost.

The DMB Approach


After you fill out a brief questionnaire, we will spend time during a pre-interview conversation to understand the stories you want to tell so that we ask the perfect questions on filming day.


We typically film in our interviewee’s home and work with the space you have. Depending on the length of the interview and the number of interviewees, we might be there a half-day, full-day, or multiple days.


Based on your goals and the number of photos you want to include we will edit together a first draft of your film. After getting your feedback, we will finalize the film, which often includes music and graphics, and save it to both a hard drive and in the cloud.

Preserve Your Family’s Story For Future Generations.

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