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When Frederique Irwin discovered that 88% of women-owned businesses don’t make over $100,000, she knew she had to help change this statistic. She founded Her Corner, an inspiring women’s business group.

Tell Your Story

Heidi hired me nearly five years ago to tell the stories of her aging father, a Holocaust survivor. I can tell people all the time how important this is to do for their families, but no one says it better than a thankful client.

What Our Clients Say

Working with Debbie on this project was a gift to our staff, our organization, and our members. Debbie helped us from conception to post-production, and her … guidance made the process a success.

– Alana LeTourneau, Washington, DC - Association of Small Foundations

You even got the feel of how they interact together, even though you didn’t have a chance to interview them together — I don’t know how you accomplished that –but it is magical!

– A.S. & M.S., Vienna, VA & Mamaroneck, NY - Parents’ Legacy Video

I cannot describe how grateful I am that we made this investment. Life is precious and now we will always have this gift of our dad’s voice, face and story on film.

– Dr. Heidi Isenberg-Feig, Potomac, MD - Father’s 80th Birthday

This means more to me than I can even put into words. It is a feeling of relief. I finally did it! I took that extra step to preserve what would have surely died with my Grandmother when she passes away…

– Beth Hurwitz, Vero Beach, FL - 93-year-old Grandmother’s Legacy Film

Debbie captured the best of my parents so that the story she told was both accurate and mesmerizingly beautiful. She has given us a wonderful gift!

– Susan Lenane, Washington, DC - Parents’ 80th Birthday Joint Celebration

The way she wove together his story with the music and archival photos and video was amazingly professional. We are thrilled to have this to pass on to our children and future generations.

– Wesley Weissberg - Weissberg Family Foundation - Arlington, Virginia