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Meet Debbie Mintz Brodsky

Debbie is a producer and storyteller first and foremost. She has more than 25 years in video and television production and has spent more than 10 years interviewing people for family documentaries and organization videos.

Before launching DMB Pictures, Debbie spent most of her career in public television, working for South Carolina ETV (PBS), WETA (PBS), and MHz NETWORKS. She also spent time at TLC, Fox, “Entertainment Tonight” and “Reading Rainbow” and has interviewed a diverse group of subjects, including Senator John McCain, Bob Dole, Tiger Woods, and former Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig.

She produced and directed the Emmy-nominated feature-length documentary “Teens in Between,” which followed five recent immigrant teens through a year in their lives, and won Emmys for the documentary “Tibetan Freedom Concert: Beyond the Music” and the public affairs program “Diver(C)ity.”



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