Below are sample clips from some of the recent films we’ve created for family foundations and nonprofit organizations. For additional and full-length examples, please scroll through our blog or contact us directly.

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The Importance of Statin Medications

This profile of a patient is part of a series on the importance of statin medications we created for the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC).

RESOLVE Colorado Insurance Update

We created this video to let constituents in Colorado know how the new insurance laws would impact them in a positive way on their fertility journey.

Raymond Wood Foundation

A video for the website homepage of the Raymond A. Wood Foundation, a nonprofit aimed at helping rare brain tumor survivors.

Promoting Vaccines

A promotional video for US Aging to get the word out about their Vaccination Collaborative which helps those most in need get protected.

Let Kids Be Kids

A social media video for the Nonprofit Housing Up on why it’s so important for the kids in their community to have time to be a kid.

The WomenLead Institute

Sharing the story of how Counterpart International’s WomenLead Institute helps women from all over the world maximize their leadership potential.

Friendship Circle

Helping members of their gala event understand why having friends is so critical for children with special needs.

Landon School Testimonials

Families from the lower school share how incredible Landon was during the pandemic. (Part of a series of 7 videos)

Private Family Foundation

The founder of a private family foundation shares his thoughts on philanthropy and what it means to give back in a meaningful way.

McClendon Center

The beginning of a 9-minute video that tells the history of the McClendon Center through the stories of its long-time, retiring director, Dennis Hobb.