Having a computer or smartphone problem?

Have you found yourself using your computer now more than ever? New services like Zoom and Facebook messenger rooms have become part of our everyday way of life to see friends and family, but are often difficult to set up and learn. Instacart or Peapod might not be as easy as we thought to order groceries.

We are here to help! DMB Pictures now offers computer and smartphone support. For clients with Internet access, we are able to help you with many of your issues with your computer or smartphone without even stepping into your home. Using our remote access program, you allow us to securely access your device and make repairs, set-up adjustments, or lead you through virtual instruction on how to use a new service like Zoom.

No issue is too small.

In times like these when you don’t want to let a repair person in your home, this is the perfect solution!

Helping with a computer

Examples of Services Offered:

  • Troubleshoot Windows PC & Mac issues
  • Set up and teach how to use Skype, Zoom, or Facebook rooms
  • Assist with online shopping on sites like Amazon, Peapod, or Instacart
  • Guidance using the Internet or websites like Facebook or Instagram
  • Virus and malware removal from your PC or Mac
  • Help with your iPhone or Android smartphone
  • DMB Tech Support was knowledgeable, patient, and easy to work with. It was very helpful to let a technician take over my device. I felt like they really listened and understood my issues and resolved them relatively quickly.

    Sylvan M., Potomac, MD
  • Andrew is not only a technical whiz, but also an incredibly patient and kind professional. He loves a challenge, and enjoys helping people learn from whatever is the cause of their technical glitch. He is that rare combination of persons who understands the inner-workings of technology but can communicate in plain English and connect with his clients. Andrew is easily the best “tech support desk” I have ever utilized.

    Barrie K., Bethesda, MD,