Engage Your Audience

A video is a powerful way to bring your message to life and engage your audience. Your nonprofit can use video to demonstrate the value you provide and the impact you have. Your small business can use video to help your target market get to know, like, and trust you. 

We handle every aspect of video production, from conducting pre-interviews with you and your team to gathering your input, to scheduling and coordinating the shoot, to producing an engaging video your audience will love.

Share Your Message, Demonstrate Your Value, and Create a Connection.


  • Working with Debbie was so easy and extremely professional. I embedded all of the videos on my website and one on a LinkedIn post. In just one week, that LinkedIn post received over 50,000 views. Having that video be so professional resulted in 42 new client inquiries in less than a week, and many converted into clients!”

    Jen Dalton
    Jen Dalton, CEO & Founder, BrandMirror

The DMB Approach


Think of us as consultants during pre-production. We put our deep expertise and years of experience to work for you, ask numerous questions, and prepare extensively so you receive the video you envisioned. During our first conversation, we will cover background information, your goals, your audience, who to include in the video, and delivery requirements. Before any work begins, we will let you know what we can accomplish within your budget, and we will help you decide on the video’s story/direction. To ensure we make the most of the shoot, we will coordinate everyone’s schedules, conduct pre-interviews if necessary, and provide an outline to keep everyone on the same page.

Production Day

We typically shoot in multiple locations and interview multiple people. All interviews will be scheduled and coordinated ahead of time so everyone knows what to expect on production day.


We will assemble a first cut of the video for your review. Once we receive your feedback, we will produce the final video and provide copies on a flash drive or in the cloud. We can also help you figure out how to repurpose the videos and create multiple short videos out of the footage.


  • They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, it was the 9-minute video DMB Pictures created. DMB Pictures made our story come to life and gave our health topic the human element that paper products just can’t do.

    Ellen Robinson
    Ellen Robinson, Director, Information Resources and Outreach, National Association of Community Health Centers