Let's Craft a Great Story Today

We love to tell a good story, which is why we emphasize personal interaction, active listening, and extensive preparation ahead of time.
  • Documentary Video Production
  • Pre-Production Consulting
  • Creative Direction and Producing
  • Concept Ideation & Scripting
  • Post-Production
  • Web Videos
  • Video Editing
  • Video Testimonials
  • Fundraising Videos
  • Executive Interviews
During our pre-interviews, we take detailed notes and spend time with each interviewee so our questions are highly targeted on the day of the shoot. While the camera is rolling, our team guides you through the interview, keeping one eye on the conversation and another on your unique goals. We then spend considerable time carefully editing your story according to your package.

Depending on your specific video project needs, we may bring in a top-notch team of videographers and editors whose regular clients include such high-profile companies and programs as the BBC, NBC, “The Daily Show,” and Nike. If your project calls for it, we may also turn to a hand-selected group of graphic designers and music composers to put the finishing touches on your video.





Combining Extensive Preparation with an Interview-Driven Video Production Process

When you work with us you work with video consultants and filmmakers rolled into one. During pre-production, we consult with you on every aspect of the video. We help you figure out what you really want and what you do and don't need. Coupled with an interview-driven approach, our process ensures your video is genuine, heartfelt, and told in your words, not ours.