The Infertility Struggle – and How You Can Help

I often focus on talking about preserving stories for your family on my blog posts, but what if you're struggling to have a family?

Approximately 6.1 million women in the US (about 10 in 100) have difficulty becoming or staying pregnant. That’s 10 out of every 100 women. That’s a lot of people.

You may have a daughter, a family member, a friend, or a neighbor struggling with the disease of infertility. They may be open to talking about their situation, but if they're like most, they are likely suffering in silence.

It's in that spirit that I would like to introduce you to RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. Working with them over the past seven years, I've learned so much about the tremendous impact they make on women, couples and families tackling this devastating diagnosis.

Providing in-person support groups, online chat groups, advocating for better laws, and special events are just some of the ways RESOLVE helps couples come to terms with their diagnosis and come to their own resolution.

The Walk of Hope is RESOLVE's signature event, held in cities across the country. It's a wonderful place for everyone affected by infertility to come together, but for those who've been more private about their experience, coming out to an event like this can feel overwhelming.We created a video to show the warm and inclusive spirit of these events, so more people are encouraged to attend future walks.

Years ago, before I knew about RESOLVE, I had several friends dealing with primary and secondary infertility and I often wished for a resource that could help them.

If you know of someone suffering with the disease of infertility, I hope you will let them know about this incredible organization. Even if it's just sharing this blogpost with them - no one should have to suffer alone.

  • It was important to us to tell the story of the Walks of Hope from all the people who attend.  They are the ones that make these events happen and are successful.  It’s also a great way to show potential sponsors what the events are like to have them feel part of the experience from the beginning.

    Rebecca Flick
    Rebecca Flick, Vice President, Communications and Programs, RESOLVE