It’s My Biz Mitzvah

It's my Biz Mitzvah! Yup, you read that right - I'm celebrating being in business for 13 years! 

Though I kind of made up this special occasion (not to be confused with an actual Bar or Bat mitzvah - a coming of age ceremony in the Jewish faith), I do think it's a milestone. No, I won't be called to read from the torah, but I would like to share a Dvar Torah (the traditional Bar Mitzvah speech), or lessons I've learned from being in business for 13 years. If you've ever wondered what it's like or might now be considering starting your own in the wake of the government shutdown, here are some things I've learned. 

  1. Owning your own business can get lonely – very lonely. Make lots of business friends so you don’t feel so alone.
  2. Nurture those friendships and colleagues. Meet with people in-person on a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly basis and stay in touch via e-mail and social media.
  3. Having your own business is like riding a rollercoaster - (though typically without the motion sickness) - you never know what new thing is coming next. Learn to enjoy the ride.
  4. It’s fantastic to set your own schedule and choose what you get to do on most days.
  5. It’s really hard to set your own schedule and make sure you do what needs to get done on most days.
  6. The flexibility of having your own business allows you the gift of being present for your family and your kids as they’re growing up – even if it sometimes means shushing everyone when an important client calls during carpool. 
  7. Having the support of family is key. (Mine has been amazing, especially my husband.)
  8. You’ll be amazed at how many incredible new people come into your life.
  9. Every project and interview is an opportunity to gain wisdom.
  10. You learn more about yourself than perhaps you’ve ever wanted to when you own your own business – the business is you and you are the business. You have to really like yourself and your business to keep it going.
  11. You think there's got to be a magic bullet - that one thing you need that will catapult your business. There is no magic bullet - only hard work, perseverance and a bit of luck.
  12. Ask for help and get help when you need it. No one can do it all alone.
  13. Like a Bar Mitzvah, it’s just the beginning - there is always so much more to learn, whether it’s subject matter, working with different types of clients, or staying motivated. Be open to learning.      




No need to send me Biz Mitzvah gifts (I have all the Lucite clipboards, dictionaries and Cross Pens I can handle), but I would love if you would send me gifts in the form of referrals. If you know of any nonprofits, foundations or families looking to create video that makes an impact, I would appreciate you sending them my way.