How to Make a Great Video on a Limited Budget

Eldercare is a topic most of us will likely face at some point in our lives, if we haven't already. How do we juggle the task of caring for our aging parents or other relatives while managing our own lives and families?

Thankfully, the field of Eldercare has exploded in recent years. Debra Levy Eldercare Associates is one of the pioneers of this business, having started their company 30 years ago. The company’s tagline is “We’re like wedding planners for growing older.”  They can do everything from helping someone relocate to providing companionship. As one client commented, “They make it so you can be the daughter (or son) and not the caregiver.”

For the celebration of this milestone, we created a video for them to showcase what they do and how they provide guidance, assistance and reassurance to their clients. (This is a short clip from their 5- minute video.)

If you’re not local to the DC area, there’s a huge network of life care managers across the country. Find someone near you by visiting the Aging Life Care Association, or for more information, visit their blog.

  • Debbie came highly recommended and I found her process of getting to know us and our company, and then translate that into film, to be a wonderful and stress-free process! Her calm and intuitive style drew out the words we were hoping our clients and families would say and she wove video and still photos together beautifully to tell our story. While a part of me feels like it will take 10 years to recover from planning our Big Event, I would look forward to any opportunity to work with Debbie and DMB Pictures again!

    Susy Elder Murphy
    Susy Elder Murphy, Owner, Debra Levy Eldercare Associates