Life in a Small Town During the 1940’s

As much as we may love to look at old pictures or handle a grandmother’s handmade quilt and think about the memories attached to them, there’s nothing like hearing and seeing the story told first-hand. And one of the best ways I know how to do that is through video.

The stories that are shared through a videotaped interview are not only a way to understand our own history, but it's a way to understand a time in history and a way of life that is so different from what we have today.

In this clip from her personal documentary, Millie shares what it was like growing up in small Quaker town in New Jersey. She talks about her one traffic light town and shares how traffic lights worked before the age of modern technology, something I didn't even realize was a possibility before I met her. I'm grateful to Millie for allowing us to share her story.

  • Thank you for the excellent video history you made of me. My family and I watched it twice in one day and everyone (19 people) thoroughly enjoyed it (including me!) The archival material you researched and inserted was brilliant – a testimony to your intelligence and desire to make my history complete. With much appreciation and admiration, Millie Wallace

    Millie Wallace
    Millie Wallace, Sterling, VA