Combating the Issue of Food Insecurity

We recently finished a project with the National Association of Community Health Centers, where many of the patients who use CHCs live in areas classified as food deserts. We created a video that showcased how some of these health centers were finding new and creative ways to help their patients gain access to fresh fruits and vegetables and take charge of their health. The goal was that by sharing best practices, other community health centers could find ways to replicate these programs or create similar initiatives in their centers.

As I sit down to our Thanksgiving table this Thursday, I know I will be thinking of this project and feeling extra thankful for the food we have at our table. I hope watching this video will inspire you to feel the same way.

  • They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, it was the 9-minute video DMB Pictures created. DMB Pictures made our story come to life and gave our health topic the human element that paper products just can’t do.

    Ellen Robinson
    Ellen Robinson, Director, Information Resources and Outreach, National Association of Community Health Centers