Engaging Millennials With Video

GenFKD, a nonpartisan peer-to-peer organization aimed at improving the financial knowledge of millennials across the country, needed a promotional video to harness the excitement and energy of their program. They wanted something fast-paced and engaging that would appeal to their audience. But the actual event they wanted us to film was a day-long workshop in a humdrum hotel conference room.

How could we make THAT exciting?

The answer was simple... telling stories.

We often get clients who know that creating a video will make a huge difference in motivating their audience, but the event they have to cover isn't very visual or dynamic.

The key to sharing passion and excitement when you don't have something interesting to film?

Focus on interviewing the dynamic supporters of your organization to speak authentically about what it means to them. Those interviews are the heart of your video. Add some quick cuts, a few visual effects, graphics and music, and you can turn what might be a very boring video into something that's truly engaging.