Is There A Silver Lining to Cancer?

Several years ago, a woman called me after reading about me in the Washington Post. She was 50 years old and had stage four triple negative breast cancer. She had a family and things she needed to say. Would I film her story?

Of course, I thought, but in my head wondered how I would get through the recording without crying.

It turned out that Cindy had no plans for a pity party. Joy was her middle name and maybe not by accident. We actually laughed throughout the day, as she told stories of her growing up and while demonstrating her famous butter jelly cookie recipe for her two college-aged girls so they would remember it.

More than anything, she shared what life was about and what cancer taught her.

Cindy was beyond incredible - and loathed when people referred to her as "inspirational." I've always wanted to share a piece of her video so that she might spark others to think differently the way she did for me. I thank her family for allowing me to share this short clip of her life.

In 2007, she started the Cindy Rosencrans Triple Negative Breast Cancer Fund to fund research at Johns Hopkins. To honor her legacy during breast cancer awareness month, DMB Pictures will be donating to her fund. If you would like to learn more and donate to a worthy cause, I encourage you to visit her family's Razoo page.

Cindy made a big imprint on me. To this day, when I'm cooking in the kitchen, I often hear her advice in my head that she shared during cookie-baking... "Clean as you go."

Cindy passed away seven months after our videotaping, and her family was shown the video a few days later. I know they are grateful that she had the foresight and courage to create a lasting memory and legacy for them. I'm grateful to have had the chance to know this funny, spirited and caring woman.