Why You Should Tell Your Story Now

A friend’s brother-in-law was driving his car this past summer on his way to the grocery store when a tree fell on his car. He was killed instantly.

He wasn’t driving in a storm, driving at night or driving under the influence. Just a storm the day before combined with some loose roots of an old tree. He was on his way to pick up food for a backyard celebration of his twins' birthday. He was 47, and the father of three.

This story really got to me, and not because I knew the deceased. I did not. But I immediately thought of the fact that this man with young children likely did not have a life story written down or told on video.

I’m sure you have your own stories of people that died suddenly, unexpectedly. It’s beyond devastating on so many levels.

It struck me that most of us don’t dream of going without insurance, for those crazy unpredictable things that likely won’t happen but might. We buy life insurance when we have children, home insurance for our first house, and car insurance for unexpected accidents. We do it so we can have peace of mind.

Why don’t we have story insurance? If something unexpected happens, who is going to tell our story? The way we want to tell it?

This month’s video clip features my youngest couple yet to record their personal history. They are both in their late 50’s and in perfect health. They were actually perplexed that their daughter hired me to create this extensive video history of them - right now. (I was a little perplexed at first too.) But now I just think, “Wow! She is so smart! She’s getting insurance!”

I recently had someone come to me, wanting to film her spouse. She had been holding on to an article that featured my business for nearly 5 years. She was finally ready to get started with the project, and just 4 days before we were to film, her spouse unexpectedly went into the hospital and died several weeks later. Her story still upsets me.

When it comes down to it, the most successful family video projects are the ones that actually happen. The ones where people don’t wait for the “right” time or the “best” time - they just figure out a way to make it happen.

I put out this challenge to you - start in some way today to tell your story or the story of a loved one. Whether you start by writing or by picking up a camera. (Or pick up the phone and I can help get you started.)

Start today, no matter what your age. I promise you will be rewarded with knowledge, inspiration and wisdom you weren’t expecting. And you’ll be left with a tangible video – insurance that goes far beyond peace of mind.