Being Resourceful With Low-Budget Videos

As a small business owner or someone who works with non-profits, you know that you don't have the budget and resources of bigger companies. You realize that you sometimes have to get a little creative to make things happen.

Our client, MEP, needed help recruiting doctors to their remote location of St. Mary's County and decided to use video as a part of their marketing efforts. But just as challenging as it was to recruit doctors to this location, it was also costly to pay for a film crew to travel there.

How could we showcase all the amazing things about St. Mary's without actually going there?

We came up with the creative solution of connecting with the St. Mary's County Division of Tourism, who already had stunning photos of the area and were more than willing to share them - at no cost to us. It was a huge win for all of us.

The moral of this story? Video doesn't have to be costly. Think of ways to connect with others who might have a similar mission and would be willing to share resources to help you create a great video.