Top 3 Challenges for Business Videos

Cherlyn Jenkins knew she needed a video to get the word out about the Cozywoggle, her ingenious invention that solves a big headache for millions of parents. But like many new business owners, she had a few challenges in the production process. Here's how we helped her solve them and some ideas to help with your next video.

Challenge #1 – Your Product or Service Is Hard to Understand
The Cozywoggle is a specialized coat that ensures car seat safety for children. But even when Cherlyn was explaining the Cozywoggle to me, it still wasn't clear how it worked and differed from other coats.

Here’s What We Did:
 Through the use of video, we were able to show how the Cozywoggle worked, with close-up shots and a demonstration of the coat in action.  Writing about this or even showing pictures would have made it difficult for the average person to understand how it really works.

Your Takeaway: 
If you have a product or service that is hard to understand immediately, using video to demonstrate your product or service is a highly efficient and effective way to get your message across.

Challenge #2 – People Don’t Get Why They Need Your Product or Service 
Though car seat safety is something that many parents take seriously, the safety issues associated with wearing a regular winter coat while in a car seat have not been widely publicized. For this reason, parents need to understand why they need this coat.

Here’s What We Did:
 We educated consumers at the very beginning of the video, before we even mentioned the Cozywoggle. Cherlyn explained why regular coats are unsafe and even demonstrated what can happen when a child wears a regular coat in a car seat. Awareness of safety issues will be a key factor in helping to sell the Cozywoggle and so we made sure to do this upfront.

Your Takeaway:
 You must educate your potential customers with the reasons behind the need for your product or service. Customers must get the “why” in order to be interested enough to purchase.

Challenge #3 - You Must Be Able To Relate To Your Consumers
The fact that Cherlyn designed the product with herself in mind is a very good thing. As a parent of two young children, she relates to her target market and customers. Our challenge was to make sure other parents would connect with her emotionally.

Here’s What We Did:
 Using personal documentary interview-style footage, Cherlyn was able to let viewers into her personal life. We showed family photos and shots of her playing with her children. She spoke about the fact that parents do so many little things to make sure their children are safe, but in the rush of daily living, strapping children in their car seat quickly and ineffectively is one of the biggest risks they take without realizing it. Parents can easily relate to this scenario, and thus relate to Cherlyn and her product.

Your Takeaway:
 Figure out how you can relate to your consumers on an emotional level, so they know that you get their challenges and that your product or service is there to help.

With people sharing videos 12 times more than photo and text posts combined (according to Mashable), now is a great time to get your service or product-based video out into the world.