Get Great PR With Your Video

It always frustrates me when my clients don’t do more with their videos. We create a fantastic video, they put it on their website and leave it at that. They don’t realize that they are missing out on so many great opportunities.

Frederique Irwin's video for Her Corner

Which is why I’m thrilled to share this interview with my client, Frederique Irwin, founder of Her Corner, and her recent “accidental” win with video. Read on to find out how you can replicate her recipe for success.

DMB: Why did you want to create a video for your business? What were you hoping it would do?

FI: There’s a lot of people these days that would prefer to watch a quick video rather than read a website, so I was hoping it could capture in two minutes or less who we are, what we do, and why someone should join.

DMB: So when we were finished, what did you do with the video file?

FI: The intent for the video, of course, was to go on the website, which is what we did, but because it was also a standalone piece, I was able to use it as a teaser before the website went live. So it went on Facebook, Twitter, and a few other places, to say, “Her Corner is almost launching, and if you’re curious, here’s what it’s about.” It wasn’t necessarily a strategic PR move, but it ended up creating it’s own path.

DMB: So tell me a bit more about this "non-strategic" PR move. Walk me through exactly what happened.

FI: So I put it on Facebook, and a bunch of people shared it. My sister, some friends – they all shared it with all of their people – and somewhere through those shares, someone from ABC saw the video, emailed me and said, “We do two segments on women in business. We’ve shown our producers this video and we’d love to talk about working with you.” (Note: A couple of months later, they had this segment run on ABC 7.) So just by itself, as a standalone piece, it ended up creating some PR buzz, even though that wasn’t what we were originally intending to do. We had just wanted people to visit our website.

DMB: And what happened after the ABC segment ran?

FI: After the ABC segment ran, some very big industry-specific organizations got wind of Her Corner, like the SBA, some of the bigger Chamber offices, even investors started to pick up on what it’s about. We now have a number of media inquiries out there that I can’t publicly discuss yet, but some bigger television networks and print publications are now also very interested in covering our story. I also have some meetings with potential investors this week. And it all kind of started from just this little video.

DMB: What do you think it was about the video that created this storm of media inquiries?

FI: You know, a lot of people in media want to see if you’re video ready, so it also gave an opportunity for (producers and people in the media) to see how I would be in a media setting. So even though some things haven’t actually materialized yet, people are using the video for evaluation purposes for media. It basically had an added benefit of not only being a video for the website, and not only getting us some PR buzz, but almost like a modern version of a media press kit.

At the end of the day, the video created the story for the ABC piece, the video and the ABC piece together created the credibility, and between the two of them, now the other things are falling in line.

DMB: You went about this quite unintentionally, but now that you’ve been through it, what would you recommend to others as some possible best practices for getting more out of their videos?

FI: You want it to be a complement to whatever you’re doing, whether it’s your website or a promotion, but you need to also look at it as “What else can this video do for me as a stand alone product?” And then to not be afraid to use that video, and put it out to a variety of channels, whether that’s through friends and family, putting it in your email signature line every time you send an email, or putting it out through the social media channels that you have, whether that’s personal or professional.

I think the worst thing someone can do is look at the video as “one and done.” Really, it can be used in so many different ways – so you want to make the most of it while it’s still fresh.