Promote Your Product With Video

When you use video to sell a product like a blender or even a teeth whitening system, a viewer can easily be amazed by how fast you made that fruit smoothie or how dramatically you changed the look of someone’s smile.

But what about a book? How do you get people excited about an inanimate object through video?

We recently had the exciting challenge of figuring that out and wanted to share some lessons learned that apply to many types of marketing, regardless of your product or service.

Connie Krupin created a unique baby book, "A Time to Be Born," specifically for Jewish families. But this isn’t just any baby book. It’s a high quality tome with more than one hundred original works of art. Besides the many places to write down your baby’s milestones, it has recipes, funny quotes, and prayers to refer to during holidays.

There were already pdf files of the pages from the book on her website, so what more could she do to get people excited about it?

She realized that every time she visited a vendor, she told the same story of how the book was birthed (no pun intended), and her passion about it was contagious. Finally, one person said, “You need to share that story on video.”

So she hired DMB Pictures to create a video. Her story of how the book went from an idea born of frustration thirty years ago, to becoming a reality today, makes you understand why it is so unique and special.

Why do I believe this video works and will help her sell much more than a simple website would?

1. She made it personal

People want to know your story. They want to know the person behind the product or service. Connie shares both visually and through her interview the original baby book she had, her hopes and dreams as a new Mom, and how the book she had didn’t meet her needs. A potential customer gets to know Connie, and how she too was once in their shoes, and how she can help.  When you make it personal and tell your story, people can better relate it to their own story.

2. She shared her mission and passion

Connie has a bigger vision for this book. It’s not just about recording a baby’s milestones, but about sharing history with the next generation, and understanding Jewish tradition and culture within the context of your own family, using this book. It’s a big mission and one that many others, whose families are scattered across the country, will relate to. People want to be connected to a mission. When you are passionate about your mission, people can see your authenticity, and you become more credible.

3. She found a way to connect with her audience

What does Connie’s audience care about? Children, of course! So we didn’t just film Connie talking about her book or looking at her book. We showed Connie playing on the floor with her grandson, the inspiration for this book. We captured them looking at old family pictures together. We captured the laughter and the love she has for this child. You can relate to what she is doing and picture yourself doing the same things with your own child or grandchild. The video footage taps into viewer emotions, and those feelings often lead to action.

The next time you think about creating a video, try getting personal, sharing your passion and connecting with your audience. It will feel authentic, and will likely reap big rewards.