My Top 5 Tips for Creating a Video Testimonial

Creating a video testimonial isn’t that difficult, but you’ll get the most for your time and money if you follow these five simple tips.

1. Cast your talent wisely

Before just asking any available customer, think about all of your current and former clients. You want to make sure the person you ask to do your testimonial has a few distinct qualities:

a)    Someone who is fairly comfortable on camera, enjoys talking and can do so in an animated way

b)    Truly loves what your company did for them

c)    Has a specific story to share of how you helped them

2. Make your talent comfortable

The best testimonials feel natural. 95% of the population does not feel natural looking into a camera lens and speaking. That is why the interview testimonial works so well. It’s a conversation that happens to be recorded, where the person asking the questions is off camera and the person answering is looking at the interviewer (not the lens) and responding in a conversational way. (And hopefully speaking in complete sentences. My trick – ask them to use part of your question in their answer.)

3. Present it like a makeover

Set up your testimonial as a problem that has a solution. As in, X was the problem, and Y was how your business, service, organization solved that problem. If it can be told as a fairly specific yet universally relevant story, your potential leads will get it.

4. Cover the basics

In a world where cell phones film in HD, you must have decent looking video. Make sure there is enough light in the room for the camera to see your subject without adding noise (grain) to the picture. Even more important, make sure your talent can be heard, ideally hooked up to a lavaliere microphone. No one will watch more than a few seconds if they can’t hear what the person is saying.

5. Edit, edit, edit

They call them “money” sound bites for a reason. You want to find those gold moments of your interview – when someone says, “Product X is worth more to me than any amount of money” -- and spotlight them in your video. It may take several questions to get those bites out of your interview. But once you get them, don’t waste people’s time by making them watch a five-minute testimonial. String together your bits of gold and you’ll move your potential leads in a big way. (And don’t forget to have a call to action at the end!)

Have you had great success sharing your clients' success with a video testimonial? I'd love to hear your stories! Please share in the comments below.