Genius Ways to Use Video at Work or Home

A few months ago, I went to an ear, nose and throat doctor after an unresolved virus had my ears so clogged I could barely hear. A technician put me in a tiny, soundproof room, gave me little instruction other than to push a button when I heard a noise, and then shut the door tight. As the test began and I tried to listen, I became more and more concerned. “Am I doing this right?” I thought. “What if I’ve lost some of my hearing?” Needless to say, my stress levels grew ever higher.

Now picture this scenario: just before I’m taken to the testing room, I’m presented with a video showing exactly what will happen during the test – what it looks like in the very office I’m in, what I should do, and what the results will mean. As an educated patient, I know I would have been markedly more relaxed.

From the doctor’s perspective, incorporating video into their practice has tremendous advantages. Repeating basic information requires valuable time and energy. If patients were able to review information about their particular diagnosis prior to the appointment – say, online or in the waiting area – appointment time could be entirely focused                                                                                       on the patient’s individual needs.

There are so many great applications for using video in a business or organizational setting.  A few other ideas for you to ponder:

Client Education Videos

I remember going to our Estate Attorney as he went through all of the documents for our wills and thinking, “How many times does he explain these same concepts per day? And how many times does he get asked the same questions I’m asking?”  A video prior to our meeting would have helped both of us.

Product Demonstrations (particularly for web)

Click on this, then click again on the top left "Video" button

Zappos does a great job of helping you really “see” the shoes before you buy them. Just click on any shoe of interest, and you’ll find a short video of someone wearing the shoe, holding up the shoe and talking about all the features of the shoe.  Genius.

In-store Video

Imagine a brief how-to video to watch while waiting in line before using one of those self-service registers. Imagine the time you could save now that everyone who tries to use them is actually able to without assistance.

Training Videos

When you have a new employee or volunteer in your organization, the time it takes to train that person takes valuable work time away from employees. Creating your own training video would save a great deal of energy and effort.

Think even beyond your business or organization to your needs at home. For example, you may have rotating caregivers for your older parent or young children, and you may not have a lot of time to share information before rushing out the door. A quick video, even made with your cell phone and sent ahead of time, could offer peace of mind for both you and the caregiver.

If only there were a video I could make to tell my kids to brush their teeth and get dressed – now that would be truly genius.

I would love to hear your ideas for how you might simplify your work or home life with video. Please comment below.