The Best Trick to Use at Your Next Conference

Whether you’re a volunteer for a non-profit, an employee at a large organization, or a business owner, you’ve likely experienced the dilemma. You arrive at a conference only to be overwhelmed by the number of choices for sessions to attend. How do you choose the one that won’t waste your time or inspire you to run for the nearest cup of coffee?  I discovered a clever trick.

The night before a conference last month, I was looking at the different speakers and sessions to choose. There were so many interesting workshops that I was having trouble making a decision. So I decided to go on-line and see if any of the presenters were “on” the web – that is, in a video that I could watch.

It turns out I was able to “see” ahead of time about 80% of the presenters. One of the seminars I originally thought would be a definite must attend. But once I saw the video of the presenter, I was much less interested. Her enthusiasm, energy and knowledge of the subject were less than impressive. On the other hand, the video of a presenter whose name and workshop title hadn’t inspired me, made me want to attend her session because the video of her presenting at another conference was so dynamic.

The great thing about this process is that it worked!  I heard from many people that the session I had decided to skip based on the video was not good at all, and many people walked out after hearing this woman speak. And the lesser-known speaker that I went to see because of her on-line video? She was incredible!

Bottomline: Gone are the days of “hoping” a conference session will be good. Now you can know before you go. Simply check out the speakers’ videos on-line and make an informed decision. It's as easy as a search on YouTube.

One other thing that bears mentioning.

Just as you can get to know people better and be influenced positively or negatively via their on-line videos, know that people are doing the same of you. If you are a speaker, business owner or other individual that needs to get your on-line presence right, make sure that all of your on-line videos are doing your image justice.

  1. October 27, 2011 at 14:52

    GREAT tip! What a resourceful way to maximize our valuable time. And the flipside is definitely that the video clips we upload to represent our work on our sites are key. You totally get it, and I hope this encourages folks to use DMB Pictures!