Why Everyone Needs An Interviewer

I recently had a client ask me to re-do her business video for her website. The first time around, she had hired someone who was not really a video producer, but someone who was more of a computer whiz with a nice camera. This business owner was uncomfortable with being on camera from the start. But the process took on a whole new level of discomfort when the “producer” set up the camera, hit record, and then walked over to her bookshelf and started perusing her collection.  While she was trying to talk to the camera and share her passion for her business!

Who wouldn’t feel uncomfortable and awkward when you’re trying to talk and people are actively NOT listening?

I was thrilled to give her a completely different experience working together last week. Take away the fact that we came equipped with a high definition professional camera and lighting package.  The real shift for her was that she had someone there not only asking her questions, but also caring about the answers, and following up with more questions. We kept the conversation flowing until we had teased out just the right things she had wanted to say. All while laughing and feeling completely comfortable because she wasn’t looking at a camera – she was talking to a human being.  She felt heard.  She felt interesting. And she felt great about herself, which will all make for some amazing videos.

The Bottomline: Unless you are an expert public speaker who has no problem speaking to a camera lens, make sure you have someone to interview you when creating documentary video. Whether it’s a video to share your enthusiasm for your business, your excitement for your non-profit, or your memories of family stories from long ago, you’ll want someone who is interested in what you have to say and able to show it.  That way, you can look and sound your best, no matter what your story.


  1. August 18, 2011 at 15:35

    Debbie, So well said and oh, so true! Thanks for sharing. Best wishes, Lin