Make the Most of Your Cell Phone Photos

You're at a family dinner or out at a concert and want to capture the moment with a photo.  What do you grab? If you're like many people today, you use your cell phone.

You might show the picture to friends or put it on Facebook to share.  But then what?  Where does it go? What happens to all of your cell phone photos?

Having worked for a cell phone company for over 11 years and being a self-proclaimed technophile, my husband Andrew created what we call "the phlog" over 5 years ago.  Simply put - it's a blog of his cellphone photos.  He simply uploads his photos from his phone to a simple free WordPress site he created, adds a few captions and tags, and he's done.

Now we have this amazing, current, online scrapbook of our lives from 2006 on.  If I ever want to see a quick shot or video of one of my kids from when they were babies, all I do is visit the site and click on the archives.  It is so much fun!

Here are 5 quick and easy steps to start your own Photo Blog:

  1. Using your home computer, log on to WordPress or any other blog software and create a blog from one of their free templates.  Choose one that is geared towards photos and has room for captions.
  2. Download the free app of your blog engine to your phone and then log in to your blog on the phone. (Once logged in it should automatically save your password for future posts.)
  3. Go to "Posts" and hit the Plus sign at the bottom of the screen. The Post Content window wil pop up. Add a title and description in the boxes. Then under "Media" click on the "Add" button. Options of where to select your photos or videos from your phone will pop up - follow the prompts until you find the photo(s) you want to post.
  4. Once your photo or video is added, add in Tags with commas. (For example, "Bryan, Philadelphia" - this way you can later pull up specific photos.)  You can also add Categories to aid future searches.
  5. Click on Publish.  That's it.  You've started your Photo & Video Blog!

It's a great way to have an ongoing online scrapbook with your photos all in one place.  You can even make your blog private or invite other family members to add their photos. As cell phone technology continues to improve, the quality of your photos and video will get even better.

If you have other creative ways you use your cellphone pictures, please email me.  I'd love to hear about it and share more ideas!