Family Videos

Are you looking for the perfect milestone birthday or anniversary gift? Do you want to make sure your great-grandchildren are able to hear the family stories? Creating a personal documentary of a beloved relative is a beautiful way to honor and celebrate someone’s life while giving YOU peace of mind. To have someone’s image and voice preserved for generations to come is a priceless gift.

Experiencing War Firsthand

Regina describes how she survived forced labor in Germany during WWII as a teenager.

Debbie’s interview was very thorough and her questions targeted every major aspects of my Mom’s life story. Debbie puts her client very much at ease during the whole process. While my mother lives overseas, Debbie was able to pull everything together over an extended period of time when Mom came to visit. Her documentary has been enjoyed by all of our extended family and she has received quite a few comments about her interesting life story.

–Shelley W., Potomac, MD – Mom’s Personal Documentary

Falling in Love

Larry & Judy tell the story of how they first fell in love.

Our family talked for years about recording our parents’ stories, but the project felt so heavy that we never started. Then we found DMB Pictures. As a result of this project, our parents have a greater appreciation for their own journey, and our children will always have their grandparents’ words and images from which to draw strength, pride and inspiration. Without Debbie, these priceless stories would have remained unrecorded. We cannot thank her enough.

–Monette Dawson, Falls Church, VA – Parents 50th Wedding Anniversary Video

The Sacrifices We Make

Mansukh tells the story of how he first came to America.

We all knew (Dad) had survived some amazing adventures, but we didn’t have a single idea how to capture it. Doing this project, we learned things about our Dad we never knew! The best part was that my 8-year-old son never met my Mom and the DVD brought her to life for him. Thank you for going above and beyond and giving us this gift of our father’s story, and by extension, our story too. It’s a gift that will live on forever.

–Surya Shah, Bethesda, Maryland – Father’s Birthday Video